Stephen "Kit" Pipoly (furkitfox) wrote in queersatnau,
Stephen "Kit" Pipoly

GameStop Position

Hi again Flagstaffians, I wanted to give everyone a follow up on the GameStop position. A lot of people emailed me saying they were interested in a part time job. Some of them I was able to reply to, and some of them I haven't yet responded to. Sorry to those of you who haven't received a reply from me yet! I was avoiding the internet because I was afraid of Harry Potter spoilers. But, I'm not afraid anymore and ready to reply to your emails, which I'll be doing shortly.

In the mean time, I want to say that I'm going to be holding a group interview this Monday at 3:30PM. If you are interested in a part time position, please show up! I still need to hire a few more people and I'd love to meet you. Even if you don't receive an email from me, you are still welcome to come! I'll have applications there which you can fill out on the spot and I will be asking everyone questions in a very comfortable group setting.

The interview will be at the Flagstaff Mall at 3:30 this Monday. Meet at the GameStop in the Flagstaff Mall. Again we are hiring for the store that will be opening in the Wal-Mart parking lot, but we are meeting at the GameStop in the Flagstaff Mall. I stress this because I've had a couple of people show up for interviews at the new location accidentally. =)

Please arrive 15 minutes early (at 3:15) so that everyone is there on time. Also, please send me at email (furkitfox at gmail dot com) and let me know you'll be coming so that I know how many people to expect. And lastly, if you can't make it to this group interview but you are still interested in a job, email me to let me know and I can try and set something up at a later time with you.

Thanks everybody,
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