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Retail Survey

I'm taking a survey and would love it if you could respond with honest answers. Either post your response in a comment or if you prefer e-mail it to This survey is because my friends and I are planning on starting a business in flagstaff(perferably downtown) because of the lack that we have seen. Thanks for you time!

Do you live in flagstaff?

Do you attend school, or are planning on attending school in flagstaff?

Would you be interested in seeing a hookah lounge in flagstaff?

If so, would you be a customer there?

What would you like to see in such and establishment?

Would you be interested in seeing an adult retailer and tantra supplier?

If so, would you be a customer there?

What would you like to see in such and establishment?

Do you have any suggestions, opinions, or advice for either establishment?
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there is a hookah lounge in flagstaff. applesauce teahouse has hookah now.
adult retail shops cannot be opened in flagstaff. same for strip clubs. Image and the joint were grandfathered in after a law that banned them. you would have to buy their property.
that entire concept seems false to me and unconstitutional, but we will look into it.
Live in Flagstaff, go to school here, and I would like to answer with a resounding HELL YEAH.

Re: Hookah lounge: good air conditioning. Smoky atmosphere is one thing, heat stroke is quite another.

Re: Adult retailer: Good, real lesbian erotica. There is a tragic dearth of it in this world compared with the scads of gay male stuff.
Oh, and there is an adult video store down on 66, but I've never been in there so I don't know what it's like or if they have other stuff. I highly doubt it caters to queers tho.

<3<3<3, Karen