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National Day of Silence--
When: APRIL 18 (TODAY)--Demonstration on the pedway starts at approx 10am
--Signs declaring your purpose in staying silent today are availalbe outside the PRISM office, Rm 203 upstairs in the university union.

WHAT: a day long event sponsored and promoted by YOU and your GLBTQ community members. For those of you that are out--to your friends, family, co-workers--you understand the kind of freedom that you have that allows you to be out; to be yourself. At the same time, there are hundreds of thousands of GLBTQ individuals worldwide that are not able to be out, to express affection with their partner or even have a partner openly usually because they are afraid of physical harm or social ostracizing. National Day of Silence is an event where individuals like you stay silent for a day, or even a few hours, in an open way (usually though wearing a pinned-on sign sign that states their purpose) to raise awareness of the hate and fear that afflicts GLBTQ individuals daily. You would be giving up your voice in order to spread awareness in the hopes that one day no one will have to stay silent out of fear again.
To pick up a Day of Silence Statement Sign: Stop by the PRISM office or contact stephaniearendt@nau.edu and we will send you a sign to print and wear proudly for the day/a few hours.
To learn more about the history of NDOS and it's purpose, contact prism@nau.edu .

When: APRIL 18
Where: Meet outside the University Union by the Amphitheatre at 5pm.
Why: PRIDE needs no reason ;-D. This PRIDE MARCH is a continuation of PRISMs Proud Out Loud events for April, and is held in April so that all members of the GLBTQ community have a greater opportunity to get involved (during Pride in the Pines many student members of the GLBTQ community are not in town, and so miss out on this important community event). The march will kick off with a couple of speakers and a musician or two, and then proceed through the pedway to downtown and the park. THIS EVENT IS THE "BREAKING OF THE SILENCE" EVENT, which means that we will end the National Day of Silence with as much noise and visibility as possible. This is a Pride march, so dress Proud Out Loud (but no nudity, please) and bring noisemakers, pots, pans what have you for the Breaking of the Silence!
We will be going at a slow walking pace, so strollers are more than welcome.
For more information and to get involved, contact PRISM@nau.edu
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