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PRISM--NAUs Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersexed and Allies organization--meets every Wednesday, at 7:30pm, in Havasupai A7B (upstairs in the University Union). Want more info? Call us at (928) 523 7110 or send us an e-mail at prism@nau.edu
I realize many of you are unable to attend our general meetings, but here's an update of some of the things we have going on in the coming months.

During March (because of Spring Break) we're mostly going to be planning for the Drag Show and the PRIDE March.
Our town doesn't have a PRIDE March currently, so let's make this a first. Talk to us about getting involved in making banners, flyering, or--if you're interested, have good public speaking skills, and feel you can talk about the importance of visibility, community, and PRIDE among the GLBTQQIA community--being a speaker/performer at the end of the march rally (spoken word/slam poetry is also acceptable). This is your town and your community, and this semester we're all about being Proud Out Loud, so stop on by and get involved!

Second Annual Drag Show : Drag Troupe 'Barely Legal's' farewell show! Features live performances of local kings and queens strutting their stuff on the stage-- April 5th. Location: TBA. Contact PRISM or reply to this e-mail for more information.

National Day of Silence and PRIDE March: Over a decade of staying silent so that others won't have to, by promoting awareness and visibility. Join us at the end of the day for a community-wide "Breaking of the Silence" with a PRIDE March through town, followed by speakers. Get to know one-another, and share in the spirit of Unity Through Diversity. This will be a walking march, so bring good shoes--strollers welcome (we'll be moving at a comfortable pace). Remember: This is a PRIDE March, so let your colours shine! Those pink spandex leggings and rainbow suspenders you found at Savers that you've been dying to wear? This will be your chance! This is about VISIBILITY--the more visible you are, the better.*
*SIDE NOTE: No nudity, and you may want to take the weather into consideration when choosing your ensemble.
Location: Meet on Campus, evening of April 18, 2007. For more information, please contact PRISM at NAU at prism@nau.edu or Stephanie Arendt, the president of PRISM, at stephaniearendt@gmail.com

SISTER SPIT: THE NEXT GENERATION:--Award-winning female writers and artists (many of them from within the GLBTQQIA community) are coming to NAU this APRIL 15TH! Spoken word, performance art, live readings, and more from writers and artists like MICHELLE TEA and CHRISTY ROAD. Where: Cline Library Auditorium. When: April 15, 6:30pm. For more information about getting tickets, or the event, contact PRISM at NAU at prism@nau.edu
If you would like more information on the authours and artists coming to your town, visit www.sisterspitnextgen.com

We'll see you there!
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